My Ideal Breeder

My “Soul-mate” Breeder

  • A fair price for the quality of their breeding program (accomplishments, health clearances, socialization, etc.), not just gouging the price of their puppies because of the supply and demand for purebred puppies at the time
  • Emotionally invested in their puppies to where they want to see them go to good homes but not picky or rude about who they go to – such as an application process with questionnaires and or background checks
  • Takes deposits for their puppies after they’re born and willing to refund my deposit if something doesn’t work out with their litter
  • Gives full AKC registration (breeding rights) without extra fees. Breeders that ask that OFA hips and elbows are done before giving full registration are fine too
  • Some form of website or webpage (facebook, blogspot, weebly) to show me proof of their sire(s) and dam(s): accomplishments, health clearances, pedigree, registration, photos, and maybe even video
  • Health guarantees for hips and elbows or even other genetic diseases. Even better if it’s a written contract that I can keep for the puppy’s records, not just a verbal “yeah I guarantee their hips and elbows”
  • Some form of a socialization program or protocol. It doesn’t have to be as tedious or in depth as the super dog program but I want the pup getting out and meeting people and being exposed to different sights, sounds, and surfaces. If the pup is bred for hunting I like it if it’s been introduced to chasing objects like wings, feathers, and or live/dead birds
  • The puppy has been weaned from its mom properly – as much as 21 days. Even better if the puppy’s been exposed to being separated from its littermates for small durations of time
  • The puppy has received its proper vaccinations at the right ages. I’d like it if the breeder gave me a record of when and what shots/dewormings they received
  • Dewormings: pyrantel paomate at 2, 4, and 6 weeks old. Fenbendazole at 6 and 8 weeks. That way the puppy is dewormed for roundworms, hookworms, whip and tapeworms, and even giardia
  • The living conditions of the puppies are healthy and clean. Not somewhere that forces them to learn bad habits like eating stool or being comfortable with sitting in their own pee and stool
  • The puppies are properly marked with some system that the breeder can tell them apart to let me know which puppy has certain personalities and attributes
  • A smooth puppy-picking process, not some long drug-out process or too simple to where you get just a photo with no video or no info on their personality
  • A simple and painless pick up process, meaning they are understanding and aware of my needs and are willing go out of their way to help me out (hold onto it longer, meet me somewhere, etc.). No repercussions or required pick up dates