Adopting vs Buying

Adopting vs Buying This is a hot topic in the dog world, and just about everyone has an opinion. “Adopt don’t shop”, “Purchase from reputable breeders”, “Shelter dogs are dangerous”, “Don’t buy from backyard breeders”. The list can go on, and on. I am in full support of both options […]

My Ideal Breeder

My “Soul-mate” Breeder A fair price for the quality of their breeding program (accomplishments, health clearances, socialization, etc.), not just gouging the price of their puppies because of the supply and demand for purebred puppies at the time Emotionally invested in their puppies to where they want to see them […]

Supply Links

Here are a series of links to different websites for all of my different dog needs. This list is to help the new dog owner/trainer to easily access different wonderful resources in their process of owning their dog. I am in no way associated, sponsored, or advertising these companies.   […]

Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting: How can it be controlled? Puppy play is great fun not only for you, but is also very beneficial to the puppy’s growth and development. However, there is something about a sharp bite that can quickly put a damper on play. Early in life, puppies have sharp teeth […]

Health Clearances 101

Many different breeds of dogs pass on different genetic defects and diseases. It’s important to buy a dog from healthy parents that are only a carrier of a genetic trait and not affected or completely clear. It’s worth it in the long run for you and your future dog to […]