Will my dog remember me?

We have never seen a dog forget their owner in such a short period of time. They will be more than excited to see their family when you come to visit or pick them up!

Won't my dog only listen to you now?

We get this concern from people quite often. We’ve found that the reason the dog misbehaves or doesn’t listen is due to user error. If we get the dog away from their owner and away from their environment it allows for them to learn better and improve their behavior. We make it our highest priority to not leave you alone during this transition. When you come to pick up your dog we will go through all of their training with you and have you run through all of their newly taught commands to make sure you understand the training process; we want to make this transition as easy as possible for both you and your dog.

How often do I need to train my dog when I get it back?

It’s important to remember that our training programs are not a one stop solution to your dog’s training. It is absolutely essential for you to continue their training and enforcing their obedience. That being said, with their solid foundation that they learn with us, you can make time to train your dog daily. This could even be a five-minute session running through their commands. Usually training sessions last no longer that 10-15 minutes.

How do I pay?

Please visit our Pay Online page for more information. You can use a PayPal account or any type of debit or credit card through our Pay Online page. You can also pay through Venmo or can bring cash or check when you drop off your dog. If you choose to do the financing option you must pay the first installment before we can begin any type of training.

What do I need to bring?

When you bring your dog we ask that you bring a crate, food (unless if you have made some other arrangement with us prior), vaccination record, and monthly heartworm preventative/dewormer.

If my puppy still needs shots/dewormings, is that included?

Shots and dewormings are at the expense of the owner. If your dog needs these during their time with us, we will take them to our licensed vet and provide you with a receipt to be reimbursed at a later time.

What supplies do I need when I bring my dog back home?

There are several different supplies that you can look into purchasing to help with the transition of bringing your dog home. Please see article ……………that gives our recommendations of dog supplies that we use on a daily basis.

Can I come visit my dog during training?

We love for owners to come visit their dogs and see their progress in their training. However, we like to limit these visits to a couple times throughout the duration of their training. We ask that these visits are planned a few days in advance. Please remember that we are taking time off from training, so please be on time to these visits.

Is my dog's food provided?

  1. At drop-off, bring enough food that will last the duration of their training

  2. Pay $50 per month for us to feed them our food which is either Purina Pro Sport 30/20 or Purina Pro Large Breed Puppy Formula. We’ve tried several different foods and we’ve seen the best results in regards to appetite, growth, energy, coat, and teeth with these foods.

  3. Have the food sent to our location through Chewy.com, they have the best prices and it always gets to us within 1-2 business days (shipping is free if you order over $49

Will I get updates on my dogs progress?

It is important to us to keep you updated on how your dog is doing with their training, so we provide you with a link to a GoogleDoc that will give you daily updates of your dog’s progress.

Do you have any puppies or Started Dogs for sale?

Sorry, we don’t currently have any puppies or started dogs for sale at this time. If you need help finding the right match for you and your family, we have that option available for you too. We can help you find the right puppy or rescue dog that will be well suited for your family.