Born: November 22, 2013

Breeder: Alex and Stacy Dewolf of ASD Kennels

Sire: Rocky Top Blazing Blade Runner

Dam: Rocky Top Cynna

Blaze_1 Cynna_1

RugerRuger has the traditional Hungarian Vizsla build, he’s a smaller long and lean Vizsla at 50 lbs with a dark rust coat. From nose to tail he has no white spots or blemishes. Ruger is very high drive and high energy outside. He’s the perfect dog to be there for all of your outdoor activities: biking, hiking, running, camping, and so on. He’s a hunting and pointing machine, he’s no gun-shy or timid Vizsla. He has an outgoing A type personality that never quits. Although he’s a running machine, he’s probably the most lazy cuddly dog around the house we’ve ever owned. There’s no place he’d rather be then on your lap or at your feet after a good run – typical Vizsla!

Accomplishments: At 8 months old we ran him in a JH test with very little hunting experience and he passed 2/2 of his tests. The judges said that of all the dogs they saw that day in the JHs, he had the most hunt drive and instinct. Right now he needs one more pass to complete his JH title. This fall he will be running his MH tests.

Health Clearances

Hips: GOOD

Elbows: NORMAL