Who We Are

My goal is to help owners, whether new or seasoned, develop a solid relationship with their dog through obedience, socialization and behavior management.

I am a Balanced Trainer. My training process is TEACH, REINFORCE, PRACTICE.

I use the tried and true training philosophies of operant and classical conditioning. I work hard to develop the dog’s attitude towards training early on through positive reinforcement. Not only does this create a dog who is willing and excited to work, but it also develops a bond between dog and handler. I do this through the use of the dogs motivators, which can be food, toys and praise.

We believe in being fair with our dogs, which means that before we add any form of correction we ensure that the dog knows exactly what is expected of them. We can see when a there is a lack of effort vs a lack of understanding on the dogs part. If there is a lack of effort, we use fair and consistent corrections to prevent disobedience.

Lastly, the dog is put through constant and consistent practice. With all of these factors working together the result is an engaged dog who is compliant and loves to work.


Brittany Profile PhotoHello and thank you for visiting my website! Here is a quick background about myself and my program. I grew up on a ranch in a small town called Austin, NV. There I learned the value of hard work and a love for animals, and more specifically my working dogs. Our border collies and australian shepherds played an important role in raising and protecting cattle. In addition to our herding dogs, we had our family dog Samson, the world’s greatest golden retriever. I’ve loved dogs ever since!

In 2012, Mike and I were married and soon after we moved to Logan, UT where we started a dog walking business, which we later transitioned into a training business. To expand my knowledge and training abilities I started my first dog training certification through Catch Canine Trainer’s Academy where I completed their Basic and Master programs. To complete my required hours I got hired on as a trainer for Puppy Steps Training where I worked for 3 years and eventually became their head trainer.

My husband is an avid waterfowl and upland hunter which led to our first field bred Labrador Retriever named Odie. Since then, we’ve been hooked and have trained and competed in hunt tests and field trials for both retriever and pointing breeds. We continue to train and compete with personal and clients’ dogs.

This past year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of the best dog training schools in the country; The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. There, I was part of the four month long Immersion program where I completed 12 different certifications.